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Dirty Business...

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Jul. 25th, 2006 | 01:09 am
location: Between Dead and Breathing
mood: nauseatednauseated
music: Popular - Wicked

So I have a greater appreciation for P's (of which only psych kids and their...allies(?) know what I mean). The psat 48 hours have been fun and...well, crazy...in more than one sense of the word. I work Saturday evening, and had no plans originally for later that night. Well, one coworker was invited out to a party for someone who works on another unit, and a few others and I decided to join in. So at work when all the kids were in bed, we made a big birthdy banner with pictures and cute messages from all of us. Then, after work, we went, and I rode with Jen, leaving my car at the Pratt. When we get down there, Denine finds us (who, sadly, left 1H and I haven't seen much lately) and joins the party....there was a keg and some orange juice and vodka, both of which I indulged in very heavily. They also had a hookah, and, yes folks, I finally gave in and tried it...and tried it, and tried it again. It was fun. Everyone cleared out by 2 except for Denine, Jonathan (who the party was for) and I...we stayed up until 4am just talking about life, the universe and everything. And then we laid down, and then I threw up, and then something awkward happened (no details here, sorry) and then Denine and I crashed at her place, which, oddly enough was only about three doors down.

Sunday...Denine and I had bagels and coffee and then went to Artscape, this big outdoor art exhibit/thing in the city that I had never heard of until that point. And that was pretty fun just walking around, being grody (for I hadn't showered or changed clothes...and it was prettty sweltering out). Then Denine and I were off, back to Sheppard...where I reunited with my car, but only to get my name badge and unit keys for I was headed back into work...and to do a double. That's right, 3pm-7:30am and I STILL hadn't showered or changed. I had no toothbrush, no deodorant, I reaked of alcohol still, and there may have still been traces of vommit on my breath (who knows)...and of course, my poor hair! Luckily, I do work at Sheppard, where we make some effort to take care of the patients...so I stole an extra comfort kit (which includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and comb) and fixed myself up nice (or half-decent anyway) to take on the night. And what a night. Of course, for the evening I'm assigned to one of the more difficult 1:1's (who was actually even a 2:1 at one point...that's right, 2 staff to 1 patient. Can you imagine?? I can...). Although she didn't give me too much trouble. I have a few scratches, and maybe some emotional scars, but overall, I made it through just fine. And night shift was, well, slow, until about an hour before it was over..when patients started waking. They of course put me in charge of looking after the OTHER troublesome 1:1 who was not in a parrticularly perky mood this morning. So he was screaming and hitting and headbutting and scratching all the way up until change of shift...and that's why I love my job so much. No, but seriously, some patients are just too cute as they pummel the shit out of you that you can't help but smile...

Finally, this morning, I came home and took a shower and put on some fresh clothes, but only to sleep until about 5:30 pm. Ever since, I've just been online, myspaceing and AIMing it up...basically, back to my boring self until some other fantastic adventure finds me...

- James, who has lost his giant peach

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from: whampcansee
date: Jul. 25th, 2006 06:08 pm (UTC)

you are a wonderful storyteller!

and to a certian someone who lost his peach, this is why getting your P on makes it go down smooth. yum.

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