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So much to write...

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Nov. 9th, 2006 | 12:09 am
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...so little motivation to put it down. Hence the long hiatus' between posts (depending on what you consider long). Basically, I've been busting my ass more this semester than ever. But it is paying off pretty well. This is both the most intense and most exciting semester I've had so far. The clinical classes have by far become the biggest (positive) challenges of my life (which says a lot about how uneventful my life is). I think that because of the close-knit family my fellow clinical students and I have built with each other, I have been incredibly empowered to succeed. I actually have the highest marks in both of my clinical classes (for now...it may very well change by the end of the semester), which is great, but I do feel like it's starting to cause covert turmoil in some of the other students. I try not to play into it too much, but they usually encourage such behaviors. The focus right now, though, is on other classes as I have a sex diff test (yeah, that class) and a big Midlife Development (research) term paper to focus on. I've started the study guide on sex diff, with very little progress, but my focus right now has been on the midlife paper. In collaboration with Tina, we are researching the pros and cons of being a lesbian or gay parent. I have a ginormous stack of perr-reviewed articles on the subject that I've just gone through and highlighted for use in the paper. I've also outlined my half of the paper (the pros side...a radical departure from my inherent pessimistic tendencies) as well as highlighted the main points for the intro and conclusion. I feel rather productive in that regard...and pretty hyped to continue my progress, although I will probably put a pause on the paper until monday (it's due wednesday).

Today, more importantly (as I'm a more future-oriented as opposed to present-oriented person), I registered for classes. In contrast to past semesters, I'm rather disappointed in being able to schedule this time around as there was really very little for me to decide on. Three of my classes were pre-selected as part of the honors clinical program. I absolutely must be in at least two other classes next semester though to maintain full-time status. Any more than two though would put me in an uncomfortable situation since the demands of the honors program are so high. So I decided it would be best this semester to take the last class in the clinical category (for the general major) that I have yet to take since it is often a requirement of Ph.D. programs in clinical psychology...in fact, it's funny because my research, which I've passed on to the other honors kids, has inspired a mass movement to enroll in that class. Assuming the spots will be available (which they may not be) practically all of the 11 other kids in the honors clinical program will be taking that class with me next semester, whereas prior to my informing them of grad schools and subsequent discussions with jean Ayers about the benefits the class has in getting through this program, nobody else felt inclined to take it. So go me (I'm such a dork). To fill the other spot (as all my other psych requirements will be completed at the end of the current semester) I decided that I will take one of two gened classes I have yet to complete. The one that was most appealing (and that fit best into the schedule I already have) was Genetics, Health and Society, which happens to be an upper-level occupational therapy course (interesting). So my schedule is as follows:

7-9:30pm - Tests and Measurements

8-9:15am (gross) - Group Dynamics
9:30-10:45am - Genetics, Health & Society

(day open for possible supervision and/or clinical internship hours)

8-9:15am - Group Dynamics
9:30-10:45am - Genetics, Health & Society
12:30a-1:45p - Readings in Psychology

(possible clinical internship hours)

The class that is not directly listed here, if you can't guess, is my Internship in Psychotherapy. That brings me to the other reason I'm not so pleased with registering this semester. Not everything is set in stone in a nice, neat fashion. The internship (4 credits) is comprised of 2 clinical supervision hours (by either Dr. Brand or Dr. Ayers) on-campus and 9 on-site clinical hours with whatever agency I ultimately get placed in. Every honors clinical student met briefly with Dr. Ayers (I'm trying to break the habit of calling her Jean) and talked about what they would like to do (and not do) with their internship. I told her I would rather not work with adolescent-based populations (dealing with aggressive/behavioral disorders such as oppositional-defiant, intermittent explosive, tic disorder, etc., or eating disorders) nor would I like to work with the PDD (pervasive developmental disorder) population as that is what I'm currently getting experience with at my job. I informed Dr. Ayers that I would like to work with clients diagnosed with more severe disorders, such as trauma, dissociative or psychotic. So we'll see what happens. Along the line of trauma, she suggested possibly working with vistims of abuse, which may be interesting (and is something I never formally considered). Anyway, the supervision hours haven't been set in stone, but hopefully will be determined soon. Even more nerve-wracking is the scheduling of clinical hours, which will come much later and is to be determined by both me and the agency I'm paired with.

A quick update on work (since school and work are basically my life...oh, and some guy named Mo), things have been going well. I've still been going out with co-workers occasionally and having a good time. My id was only ever rejected once, and that was halloween night (but I anticipated it considering the bas they chose). What's disappointing now, though, is that Stacey fucking ruined my ID by getting nail polish on the front. He promised me a ride back to Philly to get a new one, but we'll see (I don't have much time for it). It's not that big a deal though because I don't go out too often to places requiring ID's. Maybe I can even get my coworkers to start having private parties at people's homes (like the college kids do). Our unit manager, Mrs. B, has caved under the pressures of, well, managing. She put in her notice about a month ago, and her last day is friday. It's kind of sad, because I kind of liked her, even though sometimes she would try to call me out on shit that didn't make much sense. We don't have an official replacement, but the manager of the geriatric units has been assigned out interim manager until an official one is found. She came in for a recent staff meeting and seems like a tough one to get along with. Plus, there have been stories from her reign on the geri units. But we'll see. That's me...straight, to the point, and devoid of emotional outpouring. Hope you've enjoyed.

- Jamesky

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(no subject)

from: whampcansee
date: Nov. 14th, 2006 04:18 am (UTC)

oh james, i do miss you. i projected sloppy emotion onto everything you said and felt warm and fuzzy. mmmm!!

i had an interesing weekend, i want to tell you all about it.

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(no subject)

from: anonymous
date: Nov. 14th, 2006 04:47 am (UTC)

You would have been able to if you had shown up for your LGBT Cultural Center hours today...so we'll see.

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(no subject)

from: electricprotest
date: Nov. 14th, 2006 05:37 am (UTC)

well james wasn't there or anything but w/e, you get my point

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