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Fly me away...

Jun. 1st, 2006 | 02:04 pm
location: In my chair.
mood: hopefulhopeful
music: Bjork - All is Full of Love

So my life is tied in to school and work again (as per usual). I have school in the mornings mon-thurs, which isn't so bad because my teacher is actually pretty cool. Then I work friday and saturday mornings, as well as on sunday evenings, which is always same old. But that covers seven days a week (at least for another four weeks). There's not one day I'll have to just go and do whatever I want. Granted, I will have afternoons and evenings, but that's not enough. At this point, I'm doing the same old random shit, and not really building on anything in my life like I used to. I think I need that back. I think I need a new person (or some new people) in my life, although I would never abandon my actual friends now. But then again, I'm too damn selective. All the people that have filtered through my life recently have gone because I had seen enough and wasn't impressed, not the other way around (not that I'm a dynamic person by any means).

What I'm really looking for is someone, according to Myers-Briggs, is a big Senser. I want to know what is right in front of my face that I can't see, and someone else needs to point it out to me. I'm such an intuiter that I'm never really focused on the details of the here and now. I rarely notice things as simple as someone's eye color. It's not by choice, and it's not because I'm uninterested, it's just that I'm too off in my own world that I only really pick up on the gist of things. I also think I need someone who is more extraverted. I'm not shy about my introversion. In fact, I may overuse it as an excuse for my behavior at times. But I wish someone would bring the life out of me more. Most of my friends now actually are extraverts, and it can be a lot of fun hanging around them, and it's great, but one-on-one extraversion with someone I really care for is still missing. I absolutely need someone who is more of a rationalizer than a feeler though. It's hard for me to understand (and I look down on it quite a bit) people who rely on their feelings to make decisions instead of actually thinking about it. I think it leads to the same problems over and over again. Saying 'it just feels right' sometimes sounds like an excuse for ignorance. As for lifestyle, although I prefer structure and well thought out plans in my own life, I think the opposite could be nice. To be more spontaneous and not limit oneself by very much. Unfortunately, too much of that would definitely cause discord.

Those are my ramblings about potientiality that I probably shouldn't be concerning myself with, but it has been on my mind for some time. But back to what is for sure...I get to see Kathy Griffin tonight! I think I may actually die. It sucks because I found out for $200 each, we could have gotten tickets for seats within the first five rows, and gone backstage afterwards to meet Kathy and get an autographed copy of her dvd. Damnit! But oh well, at least I'll see her performing live. Every act of hers is completely different since she never prepares anything and just has diarrhea of the mouth. I love it! And the new season of her show starts next Tuesday. I will be all over that. It's kind of sad though that this is what I'm living for right now, but fuck it. Kathy is amazing, and that's that. Peace out.

- Kathy's third cousin, twice removed, James Griffin.

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My Friend, Hydrocodone.

May. 24th, 2006 | 08:15 pm
location: On cloud nine, motherfuck-
mood: contentcontent
music: Imogen Heap - Daylight Robbery

Yesterday was the day. I got the bastards out. And by that I mean my wisdom teeth. It was pretty quick and painless, but that may be thanks to the anaesthesia. The wait is what was killer. I sat in the office for almost an hour just talking to my mom about paraphilias and various other sexual disorders as determined by DSM IV-R (and ps, Tina, Gender Identity Disorder is pretty much the definition of a transgendered individual...I'm pissed). Then I finally get called in, and everything was a blur. They had me take a quick x-ray, which pissed me off because I could have had my dentist transfer over a copy that they had taken since my insurance doesn't cover shit and all of this is coming out of my own pocket. Oh, and the bitch of a radiologist said 'You should smile, we have to' to which I replied 'if I were getting paid for this I would' (I'm not joking, I was cranky). Then they sat me down, had me sign consent to put me to sleep, put up my x-ray to look at, and then inserted the IV and put an oxygen mask over my nose. As soon as the mask slipped over, I was gone and two seconds later I was in my mom's van wondering why she was taking me home before I got my teeth pulled. I was in such a groggy, fucked up state, I really have no recollection of what was said in the ride home, but I know I talked to my mom. At some point, the release of Transamerica must have come up because sure enough, my mom stopped and bought me a copy along the way. She also picked up my meds, and agreed to pay for them herself so long as I let her have the refill of the Hydrocodone when my first prescription runs out (fair enough).

So, we go home, and my mom's loving it. She gets to baby me like I'm 2 again, getting me juice and broth and ice cream, fluffing my pillow, wiping my drool (I may not be kidding). And we watched Transamerica, or rather, she watched it next to my knocked out ass. But she reported having liked it a lot and wish it hadn't ended where it did (and indeed, so do I, but every good movie should make you feel that way). So, I pretty much slept that afternoon and evening on the living room sofa, and then spent the night in my sister's room (per mom's request, so she could be nearby if I needed anything...and at that point, I only wanted to be gagged). Then I woke up around noon, popped some pills, and went downstairs to fall asleep on the couch again (isn't my life stressful?) I woke up around 2 PMish and no joke, as soon as I did, a commercial came on tv advertising that SNL's Best of Cheri Oteri just came out on DVD!!!!!!! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MANY YEARS I'VE WAITED FOR THIS???? I'll tell you, it was 6. So, I was suddenly awake enough (well not quite, but I risked it) to go to the nearest best buy and buy it. I freakin' love it!!! I love all 88 minutes of it, but I'm severely disappointed that it didn't have a bunch of skits that I know are even better than the ones they have on there. It also includes Cheri's audition, which is kickass. I want to marry her soo bad. Oh, and she's going to be in Southland Tales along with Sarah Michelle Gellar (which is tentatively coming out in September...it just premiered at Cannes). Cheri will be playing a lesbian bodybuilder. I'm so stoked! Then, there was more sleeping, before I finally got up to shower my grody ass (not to mention face, hair and genitalia) and came to write in my lovely LJ. So that's where it ends...Oh, except I also just checked my grades for the semester, and my prediction was correct!! Perfect 4.0! Okay, enough excitement. So I now have Psyc 314 (research methods) listed as my only course on myspace (yes, I'm now talking about myspace on LJ) since that starts next tuesday. Hopefully Chris will be taking that with me. OH! And that reminds me, I did accomplish one other thing, I got tickets to go see Kathy Griffin perform at the Meyerhoff on June 1st!!! How exciting is that? I'll be going with Chris and my mom (who will pretend to be a lesbian should we get the chance to meet Kathy afterwards). Yay, now I'm signing off. Zzzz.

- Griffin.

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I'll wait my turn...

May. 20th, 2006 | 04:50 pm
location: Inches away from my sleepytime space (a.k.a. bed)...
mood: blahblah
music: Placebo - Meds

So last night was hella fun overall. It went from eh to yay to not yay to OMG to I'm going to bed (and no, you don't get the details...they're mine damnit!). It was pretty packed, and really hot, but I got a little drunker than I normally do and maybe that's why this was a bit more exciting (although correlation does not equal causation so I don't commit to any one view). Tina was hott...her breasts were hotter (muahaha). The second date will have a lot to live up to, lol. Anyway, I passed out on Chris's couch with only two hours left before I had to start getting ready for work (which was right across the damn road, but still...) Somehow, I managed to stay wide awake the whole shift at work, which really wasn't bad today, thank god. So now I'm sleeping for real real. Don't bother me!

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May. 17th, 2006 | 12:10 am
location: Home
mood: tiredtired
music: Fiona Apple - Across the Universe

The semester is pretty much over for me, and I feel sort of cheated. My stats exam was today, which was open book, open note. I took my cognitive final yesterday, in which the teacher gave us 10 questions (out of 60) free. The final for Abnormal was optional (and I already have an A). Personality is just an easy one-essay take-home test that I will have to turn in next monday. And finally, Helping Relationships just wrapped today. That was perhaps the one class in which I did not get off easy, although I still think I earned an A. I was actually up until 4 AM this morning trying to finish the self-analysis paper that was due today. And that's pretty much it! I expect my grades to look something like this:

Abnormal Psych - A
Behavioral Stats - A
Cognitive Psych - A
Intro. to Helping - A
Personality - A

Pretty straightforward. Now I have my summer Research Methods class to look forward to. I believe that starts on June 1st, and it's 5 weeks. I think I'll be keeping the same 3 shifts a week at work while I'm taking that class, and then hopefully I'll bump it up to 4 (maybe 5) shifts. There's not much else going on in my life. I've been spending most of my time up in Hampstead with Eddie just shitting around, doing whatever. It's pretty laidback.

Oh, and next Tuesday I (hopefully) get my wisdom teeth removed, assuming the bitches don't cancel my damn appointment again. I must admit I'm having some anxiety over the idea of getting put to sleep. I've had a few nightmares. I'm not usually a big fan of chemical interventions (I don't even take cold medicine), but I'm forcing myself to make the exception in this case.

Hmm, and as for this past mother's day, mine wasn't around. I was away friday and saturday, and when I finally went home on Sunday to see my mom, she was gone and there was a note (apparently left friday) saying that her and my stepdad were in PA and would not be back until sunday night. So, I left the card I got for her on the counter and then spent Mother's Day (well, evening really) with Eddie, Cory and their mom. We went to the movies to see Poseidon. I was horrified. Those kinds of movies really make me value life a whole lot more. I was pretty on-edge the entire film. It was pretty good though overall I thought.

Sorry that was all jumbled around and incoherent. I still need sleep, and that's where I think I'm headed now. I'm home-bound right now because my car is in the shop. Hopefully I'll get it tomorrow so I can drive Eddie and Cory to Ocean City on and back on Thursday (since both their cars kind of suck). Okay, I'm really going...No seriously...Bye ;x

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Life thus far...

Apr. 19th, 2006 | 09:42 pm
location: Oblivion
mood: exhaustedexhausted
music: The Dresden Dolls - Necessary Evil

Yeah yeah...I don't update. It's because when I start getting involved in too much shit online, it all goes to hell...but I do try to keep up. My life is crazy, but not really good crazy. Before this week, I had been spending my whole life on campus just hanging out with some friends and going to events and whatever else sounded interesting at the time. But this week I had to play catch-up majorly because I haven't been doing ANYTHING for school. Luckily though I have it all taken care of now, so tomorrow it's probably back to living at Chris's (is he kidding?).

Speaking of school, I have registered for all of my classes for the fall, and my schedule is kinda crazy. I'm enrolled in 6 classes, but I may have to drop intro to lesbian and gay studies if I find it all to be too much work. So my schedule is as follows:

Midlife Development 2-3:15pm
The Initial Interview 4:20-6:50pm

Sex Differences 9:30-10:45am
Systems/Techniques of Psychotherapy 11-12:15pm

Midlife Development 2-3:15pm
Intro to Lesbian/Gay Studies 6-8:30pm

Sex Differences 9:30-10:45am
Systems/Techniques of Psychotherapy 11-12:15pm
Sensation and Perception 4:20-6:50pm

And also, I'll be taking Research Methods in Psych during the first five-week summer session. That will be monday-thursday from 9:30-12:50 (I think!?). So yeah, I love piling on the workload. If I end up keeping Lesbian and Gay studies in the fall, I may take up a Les/Gay minor, which would throw out my plan to be a full-time student my senior year. We'll see though.

As for work, it's still going good. I get beaten on a daily basis (kidding, but not really). The coworkers are still fun, although I haven't been hanging out with them as much lately. Although two weekends ago, I went to two parties with coworkers. One was for Katrina's birthday and the other was for my director's going away. We haven't had a lot of patients recently though, so I've been getting cancelled some. Tonight I went in, but there were two more discharges so they let me go a few hours early, which was kind of nice.

And as for my love life, everything is booming (note: sarcasm). Things have been pretty stale. I've talked to people...and dismissed them. People have also brushed me off, so it all about evens out. I haven't really been that active in looking though lately because everything else has had me pretty exhausted. I feel like I haven't had the time to be my introverted self lately, not that I regret anything I've been doing. So maybe, some day, somewhere, sometime, someone...but not yet ;\

And that's all, other than I'm long overdue for a haircut which I may actually do tomorrow! And who knows, dye my hair? But it would have to be a natural color because of work guidelines. Goodnight kiddies!

- J. Griff.

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Where the fuck was I?

Mar. 27th, 2006 | 11:21 pm
mood: enthralledenthralled
music: PJ Harvey - You Come Through

That's hott..who'da thunk my page would still be here after all these years...and that I could remember my login info. So maybe, with some inspiration from my (few) friends, I'll start actually keeping this thing again. I've been kind of a myspace whore though for the last few months or so, so everyone should check that out and add me. That will give you a good impression of me now. Oh, and feel free to read all of my old ass entries. I haven't read them in forever, so there might be some interesting (and I'm sure very embarrassing) shit to keep you entertained. I think though that LJ may delete entries after a while. I'm not sure if you can go back to my very first one, but I remember I started out with the definition of 'Atrophied' since that is my lame lj handle. Keep in mind I was barely 16 when I started and was very much a social deviant ;\ . The biggest changes to note, I guess is that I'm a sophomore in college and I'm no longer with Joe (a 2 1/2 year endeavor that ended this past December). So stay tuned to hear of exciting, new encounters, or lack thereof.

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Life Goes On...

Nov. 4th, 2003 | 07:16 pm
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
music: The Pretenders - I'll Stand By You

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Okay, so it's been a while....a LONG while, but I've had shit to do. My life, at least during the week, is dominated by school, and the weekends, it's work and time with JoeJoe (yes, I'm still with him..going on 4 months!). Anyway, what it comes down to is this...I don't have much time for a journal...LiveJournal is awesome, and it's been the best, but I really just don't have the time. However, Joe has a journal that he started on Angelfire that you all can go to to hear about both him AND me! And who knows, I might add a post of my own every now and then on that one. So, if there is anyone out there still checking my journal for updates, please go here instead:


And you can get to it in the future easily using:


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True Colors...

Jul. 26th, 2003 | 05:46 pm
music: Sheryl Crow - If it makes you happy

Well, last night was very interesting...After work (and after I went home for a little bit) I decided I wanted to see Joe that night. So about an hour before he gets off, I drive over there and call Bronwen to see where she's at. She wasn't at home or at Kelly's, so I just went to McDonald's and was going to chill until Joe got off...but when I got there, there was Jess, Will, James, Bronwen and Gina waiting outside as well. So I talk to them, and they're trying to decide on a movie...but it would have been to late for me to go to the movies and make it home in time for fucking curfew...but then a minute later they decide they're gonna skip the movies and instead go get drunk at Will's apartment... Well, we go to Will's apartment before Joe gets off and james and will were both trying to call people to see who could get us alcohol..and eventually james got someone who lived over in woodlawn to do it...but first we had to go back and get Joe...which we did, and from there James, Bronwen and Gina went down to Woodlawn to get the stuff and joe went with me because we had to cash his paycheck and then go back to Will's. But along the way Joe told me some interesting news...apparently, NOBODY LIKES ME! Big surprise...I really didn't see it coming though. Bronwen and kelly were always saying I was really cool, but now Joe's telling me what they're saying when I'm not around...Kelly flat out said he thought I was a dick and Bronwen said Joe's changed a lot since i've come around and I'm getting too much attention from him that they're not...or some bullshit. And of course james has issues with me, but I always knew that. Later though Joe talked to Gina and Jess and both of them said they liked me, so there's always them...so anyway, I've decided I'm just not gonna hang out with them anymore. Joe, definitely. Maybe Gina and Jess or kate or something if they're not around bronwen kelly or james. But yeah...And Bronwen paid me back for the Cheshire Cat i bought her, but I later gave the money to Joe to give back to bronwen when I'm not around as sort of a slap in the face for her because I was NEVER mean to her or anything. But back to what happened last night...They got like five Smirnoff 40 oz., Joe got a six-pack Smirnoff Triple Black. Gina got a six pack Smirnoff something or another and James got a few Skyy Blue's. So they all sat around and drank, but since I was gonna be driving home, I only had a few sips or Joe's Triple Black and of a Skyy Blue. And then as it was getting around to 11, when Bronwen was supposed to be home, and she asked me if I could give her a ride. I reluctantly said yes if James couldn't do it, but then I thought james said he would...so anyway, Gina wanted a ride to Royal Farms to get some more cigs, so we go out, and Joe too, and bronwen comes running out asking why we didn't wait for her. I said i thought James was taking her and she gets pissed because she's already late...but then comes james to her rescue. I told her to get in the fucking car if she wanted a ride, but no....she went crawling to James and told him to take her home, so I said fuck it, and Joe, Gina and i drove off, and I honked the horn at them because they were pissing me off sooo bad. So we go to Royal Farms, Gina gets her cigarettes and we went back to Jess's. I drop them, but then it was time for me to go home... and yeah...Joe eventually walked to his mom's house from Will's (I did offer him a ride, but he wanted to stay there a while). When I got home, I was soo fucking tired that I practically just fell on my bed and went to sleep...but then Joe called me at 1:30 in the morning...and I honestly have no clue what he said (or what I said, but I'm pretty sure it was a lot of just 'uh huh...uh huh...') anymore...This morning was another 7 hour shift at Subway, and it sucked again, but I made it through. Tonight I won't get to see Joe though because he's working until close at McD's. But I think I'll get to see him once i get off tomorrow because i think he's working until 3 and i'm working until 6, so after that... Oh, and by the way...last night Joe told me he loved me (before he was drunk, by the way) and I really do love him, so yay..we're just one happy couple...Joe is all I really need...I don't need his friends or anything to be happy or entertained or whatever...Joe means everything to me.

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Do do do do...

Jul. 25th, 2003 | 06:28 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner

Well, a lot has gone on these past few days, that I can't actually remember the order in which things went. But I'll try to go chronologically...monday night, I went and hung out with Joe after work, and I can't remember exactly what we did, but when we went to go get Bronwen and Kelly, they weren't around or some shit, so we said fuck it and I took Joe back here to my mom's house. It was late, and my mom and stepdad were both in their bedroom already, so me and Joe just snuck out to blockbuster and rented Requiem For a Dream since he hadn't seen it yet and it's a really good movie! So, we watched that in my basement on the couch...and when it was over, we ended up on the bed behind the couch, and it's all good. And then we went to bed. Joe had to sleep in the pink guest room (which is right next to my room) because my mom would have flipped if she found us sleeping together.

Joe and I both had off work Tuesday, so we just slept in a little...well, not really. My stepdad went to work early, and around 9:30ish, I think, my mom left to go do some things...which left the house empty except for Joe and I! Yeah, fun times...and then we left to do some things of our own. Joe had to go to CCBC to change a class of his for the fall, but first we had to go back to his house to get his schedule and other shit so he could do that...and then I can't exactly remember the order from here...I know that somewhere along the line I stopped at the bank because I actually had money when we went to Towson Town Center later that day. Anyway, then at the mall, we shopped...and I bought some clothes (I got a shirt from banana republic and another shirt and shorts from American Eagle). And then we went over to Kelly's...and hung out and then I spent the night over kelly's house. Joe and I slept on Kelly's bedroom floor, which was a little uncomfortable, but whatever.

The next morning I drove Bronwen to school and Joe to work, and then went back to Kelly's and fell asleep again since I didn't have work on Wednesday...then Bronwen got out of school and we chilled at kelly's until Mandy and her friend kaylee (sp?) came over and wanted to go visit jess at the fruit stand...which we did for a little while before I was supposed to go pick Joe up from work again. We got joe and all, and again I don't know what happened, but eventually james came up (who I'm so majorly annoyed with) and we all wanted to go to the mall..well, not really. I thought we were all gonna go to the movies with my mom and sis, but when James came, everyone's mind changed. So, we went to White Marsh, and somewhere Kate and her sister (Lissi? I said lacey before, but I found out that's not what it is) ended up coming along. We saw Dave working at the Friendly's in the mall, but no one ever stopped in to say hi to him (more about him further down) and we just sort of weaved in and out of stores looking at random shit. At the Disney Store, I bought my sis a little Eeyore as thanks for the leatherbound second harry potter book she got me. Also, I bought a Cheshire Cat for Bronwen (well, I supposedly lent her the money, but I don't see her paying me back any time soon). Then we went back to Kelly's house for a few before I had to go home...

Yesterday I had to work early, but Joe was off. So I slowly made my way to 5 and then drove back to kelly's, where everyone was. There was a little bit of tension last night for various reasons...first, there was the movie thing. First, we all wanted to go to the theaters and see a movie, but I sort of put my foot down on the choices since I was driving and everything (it is a lot to drive these people around. Joe is one thing, and I have no problem taking him everywhere, but the little stops and things for Bronwen and Kelly are getting to be a little ridiculous). And they didn't like my choices, so it was off to Blockbuster again. We decided on Final Destination 2, and we each chipped in a buck to get it. And then we went back to Kelly's. Then, Joe and i left everyone to stop at McDonald's for some free food and put gas in my car. when we got back, we laid out all the sandwiches Joe's friend from work gave us...and immediately bronwen snatches up some chicken sandwich...right after eating a huge bowl of mac and cheese that she had been whining for all evening...and that made Joe snap. He yelled at bronwen for just helping herself to his shit and she got pissed I guess and left (after throwing the sandwich back at Joe). Then I was sort of in a hurry to watch the movie so I could get home on time, but only Joe, (Lissi?) and I were still in the room (Kate and Kelly were with Bronwen)...but we didn't know how to work the dvd player...and when they all came bac upstairs, James shows up...and that pissed me off because it's like no one can have fun without him, but whatever. so he comes in and we all finally watch the fucking movie...which was freaky as shit, by the way. I don't think I can handle movies like that any more...I used to be a huge horror movie buff, but now...that gory shit kind of grosses me out. I was a little scared to drive after that, but I did...I took Joe home and I went home after that.

Not to throw off everything, but I think it was on Wednesday night that Joe and I saw Dave on the Avenue...which was the night after we saw him in the mall, so that whole thing must have been Tuesday night, which makes me really confused now, but I don't want to go back and change the whole post...okay, so Joe and i end up on The Avenue at White Marsh at night and we wanted to see a movie, but the showtimes were all too late for me to make my curfew, so we went down to Old Navy, and I did some more shopping. i bought 2 shirts and a pair of shorts...and at the register, we were talking to these two girls who were asking about my haircolor (which is dyed blonde, in case i never mentioned it before...sorry). And then Joe told them that we were going out and all, and then we left once I got my change...walking back toward the theater, Dave pops out of nowhere...and of course, Joe invites him to tag along on what would have been an actual date, just the two of us (we did eat at a Sushi restaurant a couple days ago, but that was about our only date)..so, we want to go to Starbuck's, but Dave only has like 2 bucks..and Joe offers to share whatever he gets...and so I order and pay and we go outside and eat under a tree by the big fountain at the Avenue (for anyone who's been there or whatever...maybe you know what I'm talking about). And then we call to see what Bronwen is up to, but she wasn't home, however, Joe was talking to Mrs. Rhiannon and she solves a mystery for us! We were all wondering for the longest time who sings that song that had a chorus of just 'Do do do do Do do do do Do do do do Do do do do' and the had a line in it that was like '"it is always nice to see you" says the man behind the counter' and she tells us it's Suzanne Vega...so we go to barnes and nobles (yes, Dave is still there) and find her cd's and I end up buying her Greatest Hits cd that has that song...and 20 other really cool songs...and Joe and i ditch Dave right about this point to go to Bronwen's. And that was all of that, so yeah...out of order, sorry.

Today I had work, and then Joe is working until 9, but I think I'm going to go down there, get bronwen and kelly and go pickup joe from work and hang out for just a little bit, but I have to work early again tomorrow, so yeah...but it'll be worth it to spend some more time with Joe.

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Joe is NOT evil!!!

Jul. 21st, 2003 | 12:22 am
mood: gratefulgrateful
music: Cranberries - Dream

Apparently, I make him seem that way...but yeah, he's definitely not. In fact, today he came to visit me at work and all! And no, Bronwen and James did not come either! Those bitches...but anyway, Joe found a ride from some girl from his work who seems quite interesting...and I felt so special because I'm so boring, but he came anyway. And yeah. But stupid Kim at work wanted me to stay late and clean the fucking bread...er..thing? I don't know what's it's called, but I had to clean it, and it sucked. But, Joe hung around and waited for me to get off (his friend left sometime, but I'm not sure when). When I finally got out there, I was so happy to just be with him and hold him and all.

And then we went on over to good ol' Bronwen's. We got to her house, but we didn't leave the car for like another ten minutes (let's use those imaginations again...lol, jk). And we went around back to find Bronwen, Kate, James (the straight one that I don't know too well), Lacey, that other guy and this girl named mel, who I had seen over Kate's before but never talked to. So we just hung out for a while until it got late...And then Joe and I left. First we stopped at McDonald's because Joe wanted to give kelly some cigs (he's working until like 2 am supposedly), and then i took him to his mom's apartment.

Not much of a post, but I just wanted to say that Joe is the greatest. I do have to work tomorrow, which sucks, but it's the 4-9 shift, so I'm gonna see him before I go in, and then hopefully when I get off. There's a small chance I might spend the night (I have off Tuesday), but if not, I'll still see Joe on Tuesday because we both have off! YAY! And then maybe Tuesday night I could spend the night or something..I don't know yet, but I have off wednesday also...good stuff. And that's about it...Oh, and something that's really been bugging me...I haven't been to my dads at all since summer started, and I feel kind of bad, but not really..anyway, what's pissing me off is that they have my AP grade and I really wanna know what it is...but they're actually on vacation right now. Even if they weren't though, I'm sure Theresa would give me some bullshit like 'Maybe if you bothered to even call once in a while I'd be happy to tell you, but you're gonna have to come and see for yourself.' Only she won't be as nice...So yeah...That's it now...for real...Go away.

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